Product specifications

Two temperatures can be set from -5℃ to 20℃
Sake & wine cellar with a refrigerator functionality

Price OPEN
JAN code 4589953360332
Model name SJ8
Color Black
Case Double-door case
External dimensions (mm) Width 796 x depth 585 x height 1910 (excluding handles)
Heat dissipation space (mm) 30 on the left and right, 100 on the top, 50 in the back
Wine bottle (750ml) storage capacity 126 bottles (63 in each of the left and right sections)
issho bottle (1,800ml) storage capacity 60 bottles (30 in each of the left and right sections) *vertical
yon-go bottle (720ml) storage capacity 104 bottles (52 in each of the left and right sections) *vertical
Effective storage volume 334L
Weight 150kg
Temperature adjustment −5℃~20℃ in both the left and right sections *The temperature can be set in units of 1 degree *Storage at Hyo-on Temperature is possible
Temperature setting method Touch-button type
Usage environment 5℃~30℃  Humidity 60%  No direct sunlight
Temperature adjustment Temperature sensors: 2 per section, 4 in total
Control Microcomputer control
Rated power consumption of the electromotor (50/60Hz) 360/360W
Rated power consumption of the electric heating device (50/60Hz) 180/180W
Rated power consumption of the interior light Two 2W(LED)
Heater Defrosting/Can also be used for heating/Condensation prevention
Fan motor Two 12V DC fans
Rated current 4.7/3.9A
Refrigerator type Hermetically sealed reciprocating compressor
Refrigerant amount 130g
Refrigerant name R134a
Power source (50/60Hz) Single-phase 100V
Power cord length 2.0m
Heat insulation Achilles Board (cyclopentane)
External materials Powder-coated steel plate PVC ABS
Inner case materials Coated steel plate
Board materials Glass epoxy resin
Door materials Glass ABS PVC cyclopentane
Shelf materials Steel wire shelves
Shelf number 14 large and 7 small shelves
Included Instruction manual (warranty)
Additional charges may apply when shipping depending on the environment where the product is installed.
The shipping fee is increased for remote areas and Okinawa Prefecture (Shipping fees estimated separately for each customer).
Hyo-on Temperature is a registered trademark of the Japan Hyo-on Association. The trademark may be used only on food and equipment which has joined the Association and has been certified by it.

The storage capacity

Sake x Sake

In case you are only storing sake

The following combinations are also possible:

Up to 82 bottles: 30 issho bottles (1,800ml) + 52 yon-go bottles (720ml)

Up to 104 bottles: 52 yon-go bottles (720ml) + 52 yon-go bottles (720ml)

Sake x Wine

When you are storing both sake and wine

The following combination is also possible:

Up to 93 bottles: 51 yon-go bottles (720ml) + 63 wine bottles (750ml)

Wine x Wine

In case you are storing only wine


  • Do not place the product near heat sources such as ovens or microwave ovens, in places with or near water, in closed spaces, on unstable floors, or outdoors.

  • You do not need to ground it if you are installing it in a place such as a restaurant hall. Please ground it if you are installing it in places where there is a risk of short circuits or dew condensation, such as underground rooms, or in places with or near water. Connect the ground wire to the ground connection screw at the rear lower part of the unit. For more information, please contact us via the inquiry form.

  • Since it uses a large compressor that can cool down to -5℃, it is louder than ordinary home refrigerators. It makes about the same level of operating noise as commercial refrigerators.

Are you storing your sake at temperatures which maintain its taste?

SAKE CELLAR® was developed with the aim of ensuring that Japanese sake always tastes its best. This cellar has been specially designed to preserve the original taste of premium sake.