Feature 03

Wine Storage

Concurrent storage of wine and sake at their respective optimal temperatures

SAKE CELLAR® allows for the concurrent storage of wine and sake. One compartment of the cellar can be set to -5℃ for the storage of sake while the other compartment can be set to 14℃ to serve as a wine cellar for the storage of wine. This allows the same cellar to serve two different functions at the same time. As with sake, the quality of wine is affected by the temperature of its environment. For professionals, it is imperative to always store wine at its optimal temperature. Thanks to the structure of the cellar’s main frame which can be set to -5℃, wine can be stored in a stable environment (ranging from 8℃ to 16℃) with minimal temperature fluctuations. It is possible to set the temperature of the cellar accordingly for different types of wine, such as 5℃ for champagne, 8℃ to 10℃ for white wine, and 10℃ to 16℃ for red wine.

Stores up to 126 bottles of wine across both compartments

As a wine cellar, SAKE CELLAR® can store up to 63 bottles of wine in each compartment and a total of 126 bottles across both compartments. Equipped with excellent temperature control technology, using SAKE CELLAR® as a wine cellar even allows you to separate red wine from white wine, or full-bodied red wine from medium-bodied red wine, and store the different varietals of wine at their respective optimal temperatures. Since wine is typically stored by placing the bottles on their side, both compartments can be utilized as wine cellars (with the purchase of additional shelves).

Concurrent storage of wine bottles in upright and on their side depending on their condition

Wine that has been uncorked must be stored in an upright position. After removing its cork, the bottle should be sealed using accessories such as wine stoppers to prevent oxidation of the remaining wine and stored in an upright position. The shelves of SAKE CELLAR® can be finely adjusted to the appropriate height for the storage of wine. (The main frame of SAKE CELLAR® comprises a right and a left vertical compartment that facilitate the storage of bottles in an upright position.)

Temperature and humidity control for optimal storage and long-term aging

As SAKE CELLAR® also possesses the essential features of a wine cellar, it is also the perfect cellar for storing wine. The temperature control technology developed by Sakura Works Inc. for the ideal storage of wine is capable of maintaining a uniform temperature inside the cellar without any fluctuations in the temperature of the liquid content of wine bottles placed on their side. This idea derived from outside the domain of sake allows for wine to be stored at its optimal temperature. In addition, the main frame traps cold air at an appreciable humidity level in the dry season and makes it possible to maintain an internal humidity level that is 10% to 15% higher on average than wine cellars that circulate humidified air.

Based on research conducted by Sakura Works Inc.


Differences from commercial wine cellars

SAKE CELLAR® is durable and is equipped with temperature/humidity control systems that are hardly found in regular commercial wine cellars. The following table compares SAKE CELLAR® with cellars produced by other companies.