1. Japan Domestic Network Support System

In the event there is trouble with the product, a repair person will be dispatched from an office in Japan. We have a partnership with specialized companies with proven repair technology, which enables us to promise quick support within Japan.

2. Customer Consultation Contact Information

As far as possible we ask that inquiries be made using the inquiry form or email to prevent miscommunications and crossed communications that might occur during telephone inquiries and because some time might be required to reply to your inquiry. Our reply will be sent individually to you to answer your inquiry. Please do not forward or make secondary use of all or part of our reply.


Please contact us using this inquiry form.


TEL:0120-270-956 (Weekdays 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., not available Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and company closed days)

Please call 03-6431-8611 for inquiries from a mobile phone, PHS, or IP phone.
The customer will be subject to communications provider charges when calling this number.

3. Product Warranty (In Japan only)

A manufacturer warranty of 5 years has been set for the refrigerant recirculation circuit that provides the cooling that is the main function of the product to ensure the product can be used without worry for a long time. If a breakdown occurs during the warranty period under the operating conditions we set forth, the product will be repaired or replaced free of charge. In all other cases the product will be repaired or replace for a charge. Please check the terms of the warranty for details.

The SAKE CELLER®is fabricated and assembled by hand one at a time, so there may be some differences among units. Great care is taken with the quality of the product, but slight variations that do not affect usage are outside the product warranty. Please understand that returns and substitutions are not allowed.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, this is possible. Japanese sake is a drink that goes well with a wide range of foods and with which consumers can enjoy the change in flavor depending on the temperature and pairings. Therefore, knowledge about and equipment for making selections, choosing combinations, and especially controlling the temperature is indispensable.

    There are few people in the Japanese sake industry that have knowledge like a wine sommelier. It is not easy to know how to properly select the Japanese sake that has a flavor and price range suitable for the restaurant or hotel as well as how to provide and manage the sake.

    There are few people in the Japanese sake industry that have knowledge like a wine sommelier. It is not easy to know how to properly select the Japanese sake that has a flavor and price range suitable for the restaurant or hotel as well as how to provide and manage the sake.

    Further, when a sake becomes popular, it becomes difficult to acquire as it is subject to the unique limited distribution of the Japanese sake industry.

    The joint project JAPAN CRAFT SAKE COMPANY provides a comprehensive Japanese sake consulting service utilizing the knowledge of Japanese sake and relationships of trust it has built up with breweries by going to close to 400 sake breweries throughout Japan.

    For restaurants and hotels that want to expand and strengthen their Japanese sake menu, we provide a service that matches the client’s needs with a Japanese sake menu selection, advice regarding purchasing of Japanese sake, advice regarding pairing with cuisine, and suggestions for sake drinking glasses to match the restaurant’s concept.

  • It is dangerous to install the product close to where water is used, where water could get on the product, in closed spaces, on unstable floors, or outdoors, so do not install the cellar in such locations.

  • Water drain equipment is not required. Water is drained to an evaporation pan on the backside from where the water naturally evaporates.

  • A tip-over prevention fitting is attached to the top of the cellar back to which a tip-over prevention belt or wire can be attached. The customer should perform the work to attach the tip-over prevention components. The load bearing capacity of the tip-over prevention belt or wire should be high enough to support the weight of the cellar when it is completely loaded with sake.

  • When installed in the restaurant hall, etc., it is OK not to connect a ground. In areas where there is a risk of electrical shock or condensation, such as in an underground room, or when it is installed in an area where water is used or could get on the cellar, the cellar should be grounded.
    Connect the ground wire to the ground connection screw at the bottom of the back of the cellar. For details, please use the inquiry form to ask your questions.

  • Yes, it can. However, the product was designed for commercial use, so there are items that must be checked in advance when apply for purchase.

  • The cellar contains a large compressor that can cool to -5℃, so it has a larger operating sound than a general home refrigerator. It has an operating sound that is comparable to that of a commercial refrigerator.

  • Yes, it is. The cellar also performs well for storing wine for long-term aging.

  • The cellar discharges heat from inside the cellar to keep it cool inside. For this reason, during cooling operation the condenser and compressor built into both sides and the back of the cellar heat up.
    Sometimes, depending on the ambient environment and set temperature, they may become too hot to touch for a long time, but this is part of the product design, so you can use the cellar without concern. The front of the cellar is also warmed. It has a built-in heater to prevent condensation from forming on the frame.

  • The cellar is expected to last about 10 years. The useful life will differ depending on the installation environment, usage conditions, and individual differences, so this is only a guideline. This is a mechanical product, so problems may occur, but a certain period is covered by the manufacturer warranty and a servicing system is also in place.

Is temperature control performed to maintain the delicious flavor of the Japanese sake

SAKE CELLAR® was developed with the aim of ensuring that Japanese sake always tastes its best. This cellar has been specially designed to preserve the original taste of premium sake.