Terms of Warranty (Applicable only in Japan)

1. On-site repairs

The customer will be charged for the costs associated with on-site repairs to distant islands or remote locations comparable to distant islands even during the warranty period. For details, please contact us using the inquiry form.

2. On-site repair charges

The customer will be charged the repair estimate amount and the on-site repair charges if the customer requests on-site repairs or an inspection after a repair estimate has been issued or to have some symptoms checked even if the product is not repaired or the product is operating normally and even if during the warranty period.

3. Warranty terms

The product will be repaired free of charge in accordance with the terms of the warranty if the product breaks down during the warranty period despite being used properly as stated in the instruction manual and other related materials. If a breakdown occurs during the warranty period, please request repairs through the dealer where you purchased the product. This warranty only covers product breakdowns and does not cover compensation in any way for Japanese sake, wine, etc. In addition, the customer will be charged the cost of on-site repairs for visits to distant islands or comparably remote locations.

4. Charges for repairs and inspections during the warranty period

The customer will be charged for repairs and inspections in the following cases even during the warranty period.

  • When the customer does not have the manufacturer warranty or the warranty received when purchasing the product from the dealer.
  • When the customer does not have a receipt or other proof of purchase as evidence of purchase of the product or the required information is not written on the warranty.
  • When the purchase date, customer name, or dealer name are not written on the warranty; the information has been overwritten; or the written information varies from the facts.
  • When data, such as the product number history, shows that ownership of the product has changed. (The product was purchased used, etc.)
  • For supplies or accessories, such as shelves or keys. (Except when there is a defect in material or manufacture.)
  • For superficial damage. (Scratches, dents, dirtiness, etc.)
  • For breakdowns or damage due to improper use or unwarranted repairs or modifications.
  • For breakdowns or damage caused by dropping the product after purchase.
  • For breakdowns or damage caused by external factors, such as fire, pollution, abnormal voltage, using a power source outside the specified rating (voltage, frequency), or a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, lightening, wind or water damage, gas damage (sulfide gas, etc.), or salt damage.
  • For breakdowns or damage that occurs when loaded on a vehicle or ship.
  • When an inspection shows there was a discrepancy between the thermometer used by the customer and the temperature display inside the cellar and the cellar is operating within the normal range.
  • For the replacement of supplies (packing, lightbulb, etc.) and specification changes (external specified part attachment, modification, etc.).
  • When the product must be replaced rather than repaired due to the breakdown state or for another reason.
  • Refurbished parts or substitute parts may be used during repairs.
  • The parts replaced during repairs can be freely collected by the company and properly processed and disposed of.
  • This warranty is valid only in Japan.
  • The warranty will not be reissued, so store it carefully so as not to lose it.
  • The items kept in the cellar are not covered by warranty even if they are damaged due to a problem with the product.