A sake cellar that will preserve
the inherently delicious taste of Japanese sake
until the moment it touches your lips.


SAKE CELLAR® was developed with the aim of ensuring that Japanese sake always tastes its best. This cellar has been specially designed to preserve the original quality and flavor of premium sake.

  • 01

    Enables you to set the cellar to the ideal storage temperature (-5℃).

    By storing sake at a temperature of -5℃, you can preserve the original quality and flavor created by the brewer, for much longer periods.

  • 02

    You can simultaneously store wine and sake at their respective ideal temperatures.

    One cellar, two roles. For example, you can set the left compartment to be a sake cellar, at -5℃, and the right compartment as a wine cellar, at around 14℃.

  • 03

    Inner compartment stores 60 issho (1,800ml) bottles, and 104 yon-go (720 ml) bottles.

    A large capacity cellar which can hold up to 60 issho bottles. The shelves can be freely arranged to hold issho and yon-go bottles.

Our support system

Our specialized staff are well versed in the proper temperature and handling of sake, and are ready to respond quickly.

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  • Frequently asked questions

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